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Bullet Journal Favorite Things

I love my bullet journal for so many reasons. First of all, It keeps me organized. But it also allows me the opportunity to keep all of my thoughts and ideas in one place so that I can refer to them at any time by using the index. I especially love the fact that it brings out a part of my creative side where I can use a lot of my favorite things…which I want to share with you today.


My Bullet Journal Favorite Things

*The Journal Itself:

I like this journal for several reasons. It is inexpensive, more so than a lot of the other choices out there and it also comes in many bright colors and has a lot of pages.

I like the fact that the pages are lined and that they are relatively thick so that bleeding through the pages is not a big deal, which allows me to use felt tip pens without a problem.


*Pens and Colored Pencils:

Okay, I admit that I have an obsession with pens and pencils, (actually my obsession extends to almost all office supplies). I love to find just the right writing tools and honestly, I have gone through a lot of them to find the perfect ones.

This is part of my collection of pens and pencils, but I typically use my favorites which I have listed below.

Favorite Colored Pencils

My favorite colored pencils can be found at Barnes & Noble and I just love how smooth they write and color in. You can find these colored pencils here.

Favorite Pens for Bullet Journal

These are my favorite pens to use - not only for writing, but for outlining as well. You can find these pens here.


For general writing I use ballpoint pens that have a medium point; I like how smooth the pens write and the medium thickness of the point. Plus, they are comfortable to hold.

Foray Pens for Bullet Journal


*Pen Holders:

There are so many options for keeping your pens and pencils handy right on your journal or planner. But since I like to create, I made my own fabric holders that wrap around the font cover of my journal. These pen holders will hold up to 5 pens. If you like this handy way to keep your pens, I have some in my Etsy shop here.

Bullet Journal Pen Clip

I also keep a pen handy by clipping it to the side of my journal in a pretty decorated binder clip for quick easy access. It may be overkill to have both, but I love how each pen holder adds interest to my bullet journal. If you like the binder clip pen holder, you can find some here.


*Washi Tape:

Okay, in my opinion, washi tape is one of the best things ever invented... for crafters and planners. Not only is it great to use in your bullet journal, but it can be used in so many other ways as well.

The good news is that you can buy it almost anywhere now. However, the problem with this is that I cannot seem to buy enough of it. In fact, my husband and my boys buy me new washi tape every Christmas as a stocking stuffer. And I have to say that now I have a pretty robust collection!

Here is my collection and the Washi Tape Storage Organizer that I bought.

The colors and patterns on washi tape are endless. The florals and stripes are awesome, and they also have patterns for every holiday and theme.


I use washi tape to decorate the pages in my BuJo of course, but I also use the thinner tape as a way to section off the days or categories within my journal. I also use it to make tabs on my monthly calendar. The possibilities are truly endless.

Here are some of the ways that I use my washi tape in my BuJo:


*Blank Calendar:

I always print out a blank calendar to place in my BuJo. I add it to the first page of every month and fold it so that I can write my goals on the back side. When I open it, I get the full month view.

If you would like a blank calendar to download and use in your BuJo, click here.



I say paperclips, but what I really mean to say is awesome place holders that add so much beauty and organization to my journal. I love to create paperclips for my journal. I have all of my favorite pages marked with one of these beauties. If you'd like some unique paperclips for your journal or planner, click here or here.

Seriously, who doesn’t love to be organized in such a whimsical way? The great thing is that there are so many options to choose from. I love to change it up between paperclip tassels, lace and pretty paper decorated clips.

Journal Paperclips


My favorite stickers are my “Grateful For” Stickers that I add to each of my weekly layouts. I know that every day I have something to be thankful for and what a way to acknowledge my gratitude by writing it down each and every day! I simply place one sticker per weekly layout.

If you'd like some of these "Grateful For" Stickers, I have them available for instant download in my Etsy Shop here and here.


I also like to use other stickers that have words of encouragement, great quotes, and cute pictures. There are so many sticker options out there now that you can pretty much design your whole journal with just stickers!

I also have some of these Motivational Quote Stickers available here and here.


*Tassels & Pom-Poms:

I have always loved tassels and pom-poms and now they’re everywhere! I think they look so awesome hanging off of a journal or planner because they are so pretty and add so much interest.

I was a little bummed that I couldn’t hang them off of my journal because of its style, but I found a way!! I simply punched a small hole in the spine of the journal and placed a 15 mm o-ring through it. It’s so easy and now I have my tassel and pom-pom!

All I did was use a sharp awl to make a hole in the spine of my journal. Then I added a 15mm O-ring through the hole, clamped it together and now I have a place to clip my tassel and pom-pom.

Bullet Journal with Tassel

If you'd like a beautiful and unique hand made tassel to add to your BuJo you can find some here and here.


So, there you have it! I’m sure that you have many of the same favorite journal and planner items as I have. All are so important to the way I customize my bullet journal plus they add such beauty and interest to my BuJo.

I hope you enjoyed my list and maybe you will add some of my favorites to your list as well!




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