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Inspiration & Creativity

Books written to inspire and books designed to enhance your creativity. 

In this heartfelt book, Letters to Heaven, join me a I start new journey in life after the loss of my mother. For 30 consecutive days, after the passing of my mother, I wrote personal letters to her in order to cope with the tremendous loss. 

My prayer is that this book serves as a gentle guide for readers who may be navigating their own paths of grief, inspiring them to find their own voice and embrace the power of self-expression.

"Letters to Heaven" is a tribute to the enduring bond between a mother and daughter, reminding us that love lives on within us, even when we lose the ones we love.

Letter to Heaven Mock up .jpg

Throughout the pages of "The Big Book of Journal Cutouts - Vintage Designs" are amazing vintage backgrounds, strips, borders, frames, inspiring quotes, stickers, banners, ephemera and so much more. Every design has a vintage feel and will add interest to all of your projects.

Whether you are into junk journals, journaling, planners, or crafting these beautiful cutouts will add beauty to all of your creations. Relax and unleash your creative side with the timeless images contained within the pages of this book.

Journal Cutouts Mock up .jpg
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