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Ignite your faith, uplift your spirit and draw closer to God through daily devotion.

Fill your heart with thanksgiving to the Lord with this 30 day adult coloring devotional designed to focus on God through giving Him thanks for all He does for you.

This devotional not only leads you to discover the power of giving thanks to the Lord, but it also allows you to express your artistic side through coloring a collection of intricate illustrations.

As you color each page, take a moment to reflect upon the accompanying scripture and reflection. Let the Word of God inspire you and pull you closer to Him.


The Holy Spirit is the third Person in the Trinity and is an amazing gift given to Christians by the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is our Helper, Counselor, Encourager, Healer and Guide. To know Him more and more should be at the top of every Christian's list.

In this 12 Day Devotional Series, you will get to know the Holy Spirit of God like never before. As you complete each day's work you will come to understand WHO the Holy Spirit is, HOW He operates and WHAT He brings to your life each and every day. What an amazing gift to discover the personality and power of the Holy Spirit in your life!

This devotional includes:

  • Daily prayer prompts

  • Scripture study

  • Reflection

  • Biblical facts

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