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A Month of Love...February Bullet Journal Layout

February is the month of love. Not only do we celebrate Valentine's Day, but I personally celebrate my wedding anniversary, and so do my amazing parents, who I want to give a shout out to because this year they are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

With that being said, I want to share my bullet journal layout for this month. I am one who loves my pens, colored pencils, washi name it. I love to decorate and add lots of color to my journal. So, without further ado...this is my February layout.


Getting Started...

The first thing I do when planning my monthly layout is to choose the colors and the washi tape that I want to use for the month. I typically have a theme in mind based on the monthly holiday or the season. So of course, I chose reds and pinks and Valentine's Day themed washi tape.

I always start the first page of the month with a full sized calendar that I create on a separate sheet of paper. I fill out the calendar and attach it to the first page of the month with double-sided tape and washi tape.

In the first picture below you can see the first page of my February layout and the blank calendar that I use for the monthly layout.

The second picture is the blank calendar filled out and cut down to a smaller size.

The third picture shows the supplies that I use to attach the calendar to the first page.

Once I attach the calendar to the first page, I cut a piece of card stock to cover the small folded side of the calendar and add some weight to it. I decorate the edges with washi tape and add a little tag to open the calendar. This side of the calendar is where I list my monthly goals and the next page is where I start my daily layout.

In the first picture below, you can see the full size calendar attached to the left side of the journal. I do it this way so that when I open it, it is within the borders of my journal, which is the second picture below.

If you would like a copy of the simple blank calendar template that I use, click here.

By the way, in every weekly layout, I add a "Grateful For" sticker so that I can write down one simple thing that I am grateful for each day. It is an awesome way to keep your mind focused on the good things!! I have created some that you can print on full page sticker paper. If you want to check them out, click here

Here'a a close-up of my "Grateful For" sticker:

Grateful For Stickers


Week by Week...

Just for fun I will show you the rest of my February weekly layouts. Sometimes they turn out just OK because my vision didn't translate to paper, and sometimes I just love how they turn out. Either way, it is a fun and relaxing activity for me to do. I also like to add stickers and embellishments to add some interest to my pages.

For each day of the week, I list my to do items and keep track of appointments, plans, write notes and reminders. It is the one way that I can keep everything organized and be able to refer back when I need to.

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Journal Page

The last page for the month that I set up is my journaling page. As you can see in the picture to the right, I use one full page to write down anything that happened during the month, my feelings, or basically anything that comes to mind. The first small section of this page I reserve to record the month's blessings.


My bullet journal is nothing fancy, but it is mine and it works for me! I love that it is not only a way to keep my life organized, but a way to be creative and add some color and fun to my every day!

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Happy Journaling & Happy Planning!!



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