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5 Ideas to Create a Memorable Valentine’s Day When You are on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is a the one day in which you get to do something really special to show your spouse just how much you love him - above and beyond what you would do on any other day.

A lot of people think that Valentine's Day just means spending a lot of money and trying to find the perfect gift. But really, you don't have to spend any money to show your spouse or significant other just how much you love him. For me, the things that mean so much don't cost a thing.

Remember, it really means a lot when you simply go out of your way to do something special; to do something that comes from the goodness of your heart. Maybe you are concerned about spending money or don’t have it in your budget to buy something for your partner this Valentine’s Day. Maybe you have simply just run out of unique ideas. If any of these is your case, then my list may just be just what you need!

There are some really awesome things you can do to show your man just how much he means to you without spending a dime. That is what this list is meant to do. And I have included some free downloads to help create a special night for you and your love.



Valentine's Day To Do List

1. Prepare His Favorite Meal and Have a Candlelight Dinner

If you want to save money, a good way is to stay home for dinner. You have to eat anyway, so why not add candlelight and soft music to make your dinner romantic. You can make the night just as special at home.

Sit him down and serve him his favorite dish. During dinner, tell him all the ways you love him and how much you love being his partner. Encourage him and lift him up with praise and compliments (men need to hear these things, too!).

2. Make Him a “Love Notes” Book

I did this for my husband last year and he read every single word. Not only did he love it, but as I was writing it, it made me think of all the things I truly love about my husband and sometimes take for granted about him. It is a fill in the blank exercise designed to make you really think about all of our spouse's amazing attributes, your favorite memories with him, and just how special he truly is.

Some ideas you can include in your book are:

  • When we first met, I thought you were__________.

  • You make me feel__________ when__________.

  • You always laugh at my__________.

  • I knew I loved you when__________.

  • Remember how__________it was when we__________.

  • When you__________, I want to__________.

  • You were there for me when__________.

  • I feel butterflies in my stomach when you_________.

  • You bring out the__________in me.

  • You are amazing at__________.

  • Words cannot express how much I__________you.

  • When we are apart, it makes me happy to think about__________.

  • You mean more to me than__________.

  • I wish I were as awesome as you at__________.

These are just some ideas for your book. I’m sure there are so many more things that you can come up with that are unique to your relationship. Your answers can be as long or short as you want and as detailed as you want.

3. Create “Love Coupons”

One of my best friends does this for her husband and it is his favorite gift from her. There are so many different coupons that you can create that fit you, your husband and your relationship. Make the coupons more valuable by including things that you will do that he knows you really aren't thrilled about doing. That will show him just how much you love him!

Some examples of coupons are:

  • 30 minute Back massage

  • Breakfast in Bed

  • Movie Night – His Choice

  • 20 minute Foot Rub

  • One of his chores done for him

  • One day of doing anything he asks

  • And of course don’t forget the naughty coupons!

4. Make the Day About Him

Prepare his favorite breakfast (enough for you both) and have breakfast in bed. Tell him that the day is for him this year and that whatever he wants to do - with you in tow - is what you want to do…no matter what it is.

Even if you don’t find his requests that appealing, do them anyway, and have fun!! You may find that you enjoy things that you may not have thought were that great to begin with. Plus, you’re with your man – making him happy - what is better than that!?!

5. Treat Him to a Night at Your Home Spa

This was one of my husband’s favorite gifts that I gave to him. I created a spa night at home to pamper him like never before.

He got to choose whatever he wanted on the “Spa Specialties” List, write down his choices on the “Order Form” and then pay with the “Spa Cash”.

It was a great night for him, and an even better night for me. (I won some huge wife points with this one!) Plus, it was so awesome to get to do this for my husband. He does so much for me and our boys and it was nice to get to see him relax and feel special. What’s great is this special night costs virtually nothing - but the paper to print it on and your time.

The kit includes a Do Not Disturb Door Sign and everything you need to treat your man to a night at the spa!!

Fill out the form below for your Free "A Night at the Spa" Kit to be delivered to your inbox for immediate download.

I hope that you enjoy Valentine's Day with your special someone. Love is such an amazing gift; spread it everywhere you go....but start at home with those you love most.




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