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What the Bible Says About Identity

Your identity is what makes you an individual. It is made up of your most special attributes... these attributes are what make you unique.


Today, individual identity, especially the identity given to each of us by our Creator, has been denigrated. People would rather fight over what pronouns they use rather than stand tall in the individual identity granted to them by God.

People do not understand that the very thing they are fighting for - let's call it "pronoun identity" - takes away their individual identity, which is so much more important. It is such a sad thing to witness.

Every time I see someone try to explain this pronoun madness, I am saddened more and more. They are typically filled with anger and hate as they try to explain something that is supposed to be filling them with joy. How can that be?

In the video below we look at "What the Bible Says About Identity" and why it is important to cherish the person the Lord God created you to be.

We are all created with a purpose and plan that comes from God and we should celebrate the person that we were born to be - made in the image of God.

I pray that this video touches your heart. If you know someone who would benefit from the discussion in this video, please pass it on.




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