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Unconditional Love: A Tribute to My Mother

It's very sad to me that people don't talk to their moms on a regular basis, let alone, not at all. I'm sure things happen and the reasons for not speaking seem viable, but I could never have imagined what my life would be like if I did not have my mom - until now.

On December 6, 2022 at 22:00pm my mother left this world and entered into eternity. She was everything to me and so much more than I can explain in 1,000 words or less. I would give anything to be able to hear my mother's voice answer the phone just one more time.

Because of how wonderful my mom was, and what she meant to me, I have felt compelled since her passing to take the time to honor her and share who she was - even though she deserves so much more than what I can give. The best way that I know how to relay the message about my mom is to write it down.

So... Here's to you, Mom - I love you and miss you every day...


My Mom Was An Amazing Woman.

My Mom was self-less…

She was always concerned for the well-being of others over her own. Even during the last weeks of her life, she put everyone else above herself. She worried about how her family would get along when she was gone. She wanted to make sure that everyone would be ok before she could let go.

My Mom was generous…

There wasn’t any need that anyone had that my Mom didn’t try to meet. No matter what the need may have been, my Mom wanted to help fulfill it. She gave all of herself at all times and sacrificed her own needs and desires for the sake of those she loved. She gave willingly without question and without asking for anything in return.

My Mom was loving...

Mom loved without condition. It didn’t matter if someone hurt her, she always looked the other way and loved the person in spite of what they had done. And she loved with her whole heart. Her love was never forced, it was just always there – no matter what. She loved us like no one else could – and it was a strong, genuine love. As her life came to a close, I realized that no matter how much she told me she loved me, she couldn't put it into words - her love was so great.

My Mom was funny…

Mom always made me laugh without even trying to. She would make a comment that no one expected and that comment would surely bring a smile and a laugh. She found humor in every day things and it was always pleasant to watch.

My Mom was fun…

My memories are filled with fun times. Family gatherings, vacations, holidays, and even in the mundane times of life – my Mom always made things fun. She loved to dance and tell stories and just have a good time. She was always someone who others wanted to be around.

My Mom was a great nurse…

Everyone my mother worked with loved that she was in charge of the unit. She knew her job, took it very seriously, and loved every minute of it. She never aspired to be more - she was happy just where she was. She was fair and helpful – she never let anyone down. She worked until her diagnosis and was devastated to have to retire without it being on her own terms. Everyone she worked with – nurses, doctors, hospital staff – were all part of my Mom’s extended family. She genuinely loved each and every person she worked with.

My Mom was a worrier…

Although being a worrier isn't always the best thing, my mom's worrying was created out of love. She worried about everyone. She had to know that we were all ok and that all of our needs were met. She always said she couldn’t help it when I would tell her not to worry; but I know the worrying was the direct result of her enormous love for everyone and that she really couldn’t help it.

My Mom was a fighter...

For the last 31 months of her life, my Mom fought to remain here with us, until she could no longer fight. The truth is, she didn't just become a fighter, the fighter was always in her. She never gave up – she would always try to find a way – for whatever it was she was doing. She stood up for what she believed in and for those whom she loved. She was strong and the example that I needed to become the woman I am today.

My Mom had a beautiful spirit...

When my Mom passed away the first thing I noticed about the house was that the beauty she brought to this world was missing. The love she exuded was gone. Her absence was noticeable and unshakable. Her spirit that brought others so much happiness was no longer there.

My Mom Was An Amazing Woman.


I thank God every day that He chose Annie to be my Mom. I am so thankful to Him for the awesome gift that He bestowed upon me for 52 years - the gift of being a daughter to the most caring woman in the world.

My mom taught me what it means to be a mother and how to love my boys the way I do. She was the example that I needed to be the mom I am today.

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I miss my Mom every minute of every day. There are so many things I want to tell her and talk to her about - and I do - hoping that somehow she hears me from her home in Heaven.

I look forward to the day that I can see her again and hug her tight.


Friends, if you haven't spoken to your mom lately or things just aren't "right" between you, I pray that you will find a way to work things out and to develop a relationship that brings you as much joy as my relationship with my Mom brought to me.




Although losing my mom was heartbreaking, the goodness of God was always evident through the storm.

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29 janv.

good morning. 💜 I am soo sorry about your mom. G~d bless and keep you mom and may perpetual light shine on her through the mercy of G~d. G~d bless our families. Much love sincerely Maryann

Amy Blossom
Amy Blossom
24 févr.
En réponse à

Thank you for the kind words, Maryann.


12 avr. 2023

Amy this was such a beautiful tribute to your mother. I miss my dear friend and colleague.

Both your mom and dad did a wonderful job raising you girls. They instilled such fine qualities in you both. Your mom was so proud of you and loved you both to the moon and back!

A couple of days ago I wanted so to pick up the phone and hear your mom’s voice. I miss our monthly lunches and all the laughs. It was such a privilege to work with Annie and to have her as a dear friend.

i can remember the day we both started in PCU at NW Medical Center. What a great team we had!

Annie is…

Amy Blossom
Amy Blossom
12 avr. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you, Dorothy. I pick up the phone at least once a day to call Mom. It’s hard getting used to not having her here. Love to you!

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