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Salvation Simplified

Salvation is NOT a 12-Step Program. It is a GIFT given to us by God.

Do not be deceived by people who claim that you have to WORK or BUY your way into heaven. Doctrine that teaches work for salvation negates the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross.


In this Five Minute Chit Chat (I actually went over five minutes - but talking about Jesus in under five minutes is hard!!) I discuss the scriptures that explain the gift of salvation, what it means to be saved, and our righteousness in Christ.

I pray that this video blesses you and helps you to see just how much Jesus loves you and that His sacrifice is a GIFT!

For more information about salvation read my blog post "Eternity Is A Breath Away: Where Will You Spend It?"

Click HERE to visit my YouTube Channel.

If this video "Salvation Simplified" blesses you, please forward it on to someone who needs to hear this message today!




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