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Absolute Truth: Stop Believing Lies & Stand on God's Truth

By definition the truth is something that is proven by facts.

Unfortunately, truth is NOT always what people define it as today. In other words, just because someone thinks something is true or wants to believe something is true doesn’t actually make it true.

The only truth that we can most definitely rely on is the truth of God's Word.

The Bible is Absolute Truth. 


The very nature of God is centered around truth. In Psalm 31:5 David calls God “the Lord of Truth.” In Numbers 23:19 it says that “God is not man that He should lie.” Romans 3:4 says that “God is true, but every man is a liar. Finally, in Titus 1:1-2, Paul says that “truth accords with godliness’ and that “God cannot lie.”

The Bible tells us that truth is the nature of God and that He does not lie and in fact, He cannot lie. This being the case, we can only rely on the truth of God and not the words of man.

This week the Lord placed on my heart the need to discuss some facts about absolute truth. In the video below we dive into what the Bible and God says about truth and how telling and believing lies can and will affect your life negatively.


Click on this link or the video below to watch: "Absolute Truth: Stop Believing the Lied and Live in the Truth"


In these crazy times, we need a Savior, Jesus Christ, to carry us through. He is with us everywhere we, if you'd like more information on living a Christian life, click HERE to visit my YouTube Channel and view my video "What Is Christianity?" 


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